But, where do we get the seeds?^

Just ask around! But bear in mind that a Plantaré is just a way of facilitating the exchange and return of seeds; its purpose is not to help you find seeds!

When do I use a Plantaré?^

You can use a Plantaré form any time you ask for or offer seeds in order to formalize the exchange, ie whenever you think it’s appropriate to use one.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to use a Plantaré form, such as when you exchange seeds directly for other seeds, or when the seeds are given freely as a present, or when there is sufficient trust between the people/collectives involved.

Is it safe to exchange and reproduce seeds?^

Well, people have been doing it since the Neolithic Era, and Nature herself does it all the time without any help from humans!

A better question to ask is “Are genetically engineered seeds, invented about 30 years ago, to be trusted?”

Is it legal to exchange seeds?^

This depends on the law in your country and if you think it is justified to do so. In our opinion, sharing (books, music, knowledge, seeds, etc) is a good and desirable thing to do. You should learn about the legislation that affects you directly.

If it’s against the law to exchange seeds in your country, we urge to to organize and lobby to repeal those laws.

What if my seeds are not returned to me in the same condition?^

All exchanges and loans have an associated risk. When a library lends its books, they are not always returned in the same condition. But it’s an acceptable risk if our objective is to spread the habit of reading (or the exchange of seeds).

In any case, we recommend that you don’t mix seeds once they have been returned.

Are you working in a digital version of the Plantaré?^

Yes, we are experimenting with some developments.

I think that the Plantaré form can be improved to make it more effective. What can I do?^

We like that! Write a comment below or write to us at bah-semillero #AT# lists.ourproject.org and tell us your idea. We’ll try to improve it on the basis of your comment or email. It may also be necessary to create different types of Plantaré forms depending on what they are to be used for. In any case, if you don’t like the Plantaré form, you are free to modify it yourself to suit your needs.

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