You can download the sources of the Plantaré and its User Manual, translate them to your language, adapt them to your local needs, put your image on them, redesign them, improve them, spread them, and so on.

The images and the texts of the Plantaré and its manual have this license which permits you  to use, copy, modify and distribute them but sharing them in the same way and inserting a reference to us.

If you want, you can help us with the translation of this space and their contents. Register an account and propose translations (and new languages).

The graphics are made with Inkscape a free/open/libre graphical editor.

Anyway if you use, translate, improve or modify the Plantaré and you want, leave us here some comments, or write us here: bah-semillero “at” Talk to us about your experience. We would like to know about it.


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