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Libraries lend out books on the condition that the borrowers return them within a certain time and in the same condition. This is the reason why there are books available for lending so that other people can read them in the future. We are doing the same thing using Plantaré forms (a kind of IOU for seeds) but instead of lending books, we are lending seeds, and with the added benefit of having more possibilities for exchanges.
Plantare: User Manual

The idea is to share seeds, with the condition that within a certain time (1 or 2 years, for example) a similar quantity are returned after having been cultivated in similar conditions, so that the sharing can continue. The exchange process is simple:

  1. Download and print out a Plantaré form.
  2. When you exchange seeds with another person, you can reach any type of agreement that best suits both parties. For example, in some cases instead of returning the actual seeds, you could collaborate by helping to grow the plants, or you could return seeds of a different species of plant, or whatever. You just have to talk about it and reach an agreement.
  3. Once you have reached an agreement, write down the terms and conditions on the Plantaré form and exchange it for the seeds.  Keep the receipt so that you know what you owe to who.
  4. When the seeds (or whatever goods or services are agreed) are returned, the Plantaré form is also given back and debt is cancelled.

Plantare sample
Some goals:

  • Fomenting, publicizing and formalising the decentralised and autonomous exchange of seeds between persons and collectives
  • Moving our store of seeds
  • Creating a mechanism by which other people/collectives can also obtain and exchange seeds
  • Possibility of exchanging seeds with people you don’t know directly or who live far away
  • Possibility of more enriching exchages (eg, different varieties or sharing work experiences, etc)
  • Creating more biodiversity

Share and share alike

As seeds are a common good, we encourage you to share them with other people or collectives in the same way that we are doing with you. Each in accordance with their particular needs and possibilities.

So please download this user manual, the Plantaré forms, print them out, translate them into your language, adapt them to your particular needs, and use them.

Grow and distribute seeds freely and encourage seed exchanges.


The images and texts used in the Plantaré forms in this manual have a license that allows anyone to use, copy, modify and distribute them as long as they are shared in the same way and the following mention is made:

© 2009-2010 Copyleft BAH-Semillero, licencia cc-by-sa 3.0.

If you use, translate or modify a Plantaré form, you can write a comment here at this site, or you can write to us directly (bah-semillero “at” telling us how you get on, as we would like the feedback so we can continue improving and working on this project.


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